Finance Department

Your vehicle is often your second largest investment next to your home. Just like buying a new home there are many choices and decisions to be made when buying or leasing your new vehicle. Our Financial Services’ Specialists provide professional and caring advice to help you personalize your vehicle purchase with the right financing or leasing options, loan protection and vehicle protection programs.

Our trained automotive lending specialists represent all major chartered banks and automotive dealer plan lending centers. They can provide you detailed information and answer your questions.

Our Dealer Plan loans are open agreements which means that you can pay into them or pay them off at anytime without penalty. Dealer Plan loans and leases can be tailored to your individual needs with terms up to 96 months and monthly or bi-weekly payment options. We also offer both fixed and variable interest rates, which means that your payment will never go up and the term will never change.

The best part is our interest rates. Because of our high volume of loans and partnerships with 4 major financial institutions we offer the best interest rates available for automotive loans.

  • Tailored Loan Packages
  • Open Agreements
  • Low Interest Rates
  • Speedy Approvals
  • Automotive Lending Specialists
  • New Source of Credit
  • Payment Protection Available
  • One Stop Shopping

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