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Why Do You Need To Service Your Radiator?

Servicing your radiator is strongly recommended for the following reasons:

  • It removes scale deposits and rust. Scale deposits and rust build up in a radiator over time. Flushing/servicing helps to take out these deposits, which get washed out with the antifreeze. Buildups can lead to overheating and damage to your radiator, so removing them is critical to keep your vehicle running well.
  • It lubricates the water pump. The additives in your coolant serve to lubricate the water pump in your vehicle. This will prolong your water pump’s lifespan.
  • It removes contaminants. Flushing/servicing will completely drain your system of the old antifreeze, meaning that any contaminants in your system will also get flushed out. Over time, the coolant’s additives may lose some of their anti-corrosive properties, which will lead to a particle buildup. By flushing your radiator, you will take these particles out of the system.
  • It protects against foam and rust. The newly added anti-freeze will contain additives that prevent build-up and foaming, helping the system to operate more efficiently.

Generally speaking, you should flush your radiator once every three years or every 100,000 kms that you drive.

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